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African Bimba
Algerian Theatre
Arab Spearman of the Wild East Show
Aztec's Village
Battleship Illinois
Bedouin Encampment
Bedouin Prize Steed
Bedouin Woman of the Desert
Bedroom of Marie-Antoinette
Bird's Eye View of the Austrian Section
Belgian Portal and Fa�ade
Bismarck Collection
Blarney Castle
Boat Parade on Transportation Day
Cairo Street
Cairo Street, Typical Scenes
Donkey Boys in the Streets of Cairo
Canada in the Agricultural
Ceylon Tea Room, Woman's Building
Chicago Day
Chinese Joss-House
Chinese Theatre
Clock Tower and French Fa�ade
Columbian Illuminations
Connecticut in the Agricultural Building
Cliff Dwellers
Danse Du Ventre
Dance in the Street of Cairo Theatre
Dancing Girl from the Hungarian Caf� Chantant
Dancing Girl in the Street of Cairo Theatre
Egyptian Tom Tom
Electrical Fountains
Elephant Hide
Esquimau Village
Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel, Axle
French Furniture
French Sculpture in the Art Palace
Gallery 57, Art Palace
Gallery from the Cathedral of Limoges
German Gates
German Fountain
Gladstone's Ax
Hindoo Juggler
Hunter's Cabin
Internation Dress & Costume Exhibit
Java Exhibit
Javanese Orchestra
Javanese People
The Javan Settlement
John Bull Train
Krupp Gun Exhibit
Lapland Village
Lapland Village, Interior
New Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell in Oranges
Life Saving Station and Battleship
Lord of the Isles
Michigan's Section in the Mines and Mining Building
Military Parade on Dedication Day
New Hampshire in Agricultural Hall
Ohio's Temple in the Agricultural Building
Oklahoma's Pavilion in the Agricultural Building
Ontario in the Horticultural Building
The Ostriches
Pennsylvania's Pavilion in Agricultural Hall
Penobscot Indians
Persian Palace
Perisian Sword Dance
Persian Swordsman and Dancer
Porcelain Porch
Porcelain Porch, North Alcove
Porcelain Porch, South Alcove
Porcelain Porch, Alcove Wall
Portal of St. Gilles
Portal of the North Transept of the Cathedral of Bordeaux
Rescue of the Greely Survivors
Panorama of the Greely Expedition
Ruins of Uxmal
Saw Logs
Siberian Mammoth
Moveable Sidewalk
Silver Queen
South Sea Islanders
Spanish Caravels Nina and Pinta
Santa Maria
Statuary in Cement
Temple of Luxor
Tomb of Louis Breze in the Cathedral of Rouen
Tomb of the Children of Charles VIII
Town Hall in Old Vienna
Totem Poles
Troupe of Soudanese
Tower of Oranges
Viking Ship
Volcano of Kilauea
The Silver Column of Atlas
United States Government Lighthouse and Signals
United States Submarine Diving Exhibit
Whaleback Steamship
Windsor Castle Reproduced at Jackson Park
The Wonderful Grain Picture
Yerkes Telescope

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