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  REPRODUCTION OF BLARNEY CASTLE - As there were two Irish Villages on Midway Plaisance, this one was called Blarney Castle because, before the construction of the battlemented portal seen in the engraving, the reproduction of Blarney Castle, which stands behind, out of view in the picture, was the most conspicuous feature on the street east of the Ferris Wheel. This enterprise was under the patronage of the Earl and Countess of Aberdeen, who, since 1886, have endeared themselves to the advocates of home rule for Ireland. Blarney Castle was opened on the 11th of May, and was visited during the Fair by nearly every prominent Irishman in the world. The gateway was modeled after the entrance to King Cormac's Chapel, Rock of Cashel. Just inside was a reproduction of a cloister in Muckross Abbey. The first cottage was a jewelry shop, where the Tara brooch, the Fingal pin, initials from the Book of Kells, and Celtic traceries were sold. Weavers occupied the second cottage; the sixth and seventh housed native carvers of bog oak; lace makers and seamstresses occupied the ninth and tenth; a national museum filled the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth; and dairy maids displayed their butter in the others. Lady Aberdeen lived at the village for some weeks. There was much fun and frolic along with patriotism, and dancing and piping matches were frequent. The best of order prevailed, and the Village was a success.
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