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  MILITARY PARADE ON DEDICATION DAY - This photograph recalls the greatest festival ever seen in the west or in America - namely, the gathering in Chicago of the National Government, the State Governments, and the Foreign Legations, to inaugurate the World's Columbian Exposition, in the secular week beginning October 17, 1892. On Wednesday night the Ball of Nations was held at the Auditorium; on Thursday the Civic Parade took place; on Friday the opening exercises at the Manufactures Building offered to mankind the spectacle of its largest indoor assemblage; on Friday night Archbishop Ireland dedicated the World's Congress Auxiliary, and on Saturday the New York, Ohio and other State Buildings were dedicated by their respective Governors. Millions of people were in the city, and the General commanding the militia of the United States, then incamped at the west end of Midway Plaisance, refused to let the soldiers come up town on grounds of prudence. The picture represents this militia marching into Jackson Park on the morning of Friday, October 21, 1892. The advance is in front of the Transportation Building, and is about to wheel to its left into the road to the centre of the vast edifice. The old restaurant stands on the site of Festival Hall, and a temporary viaduct leads to the Horticultural Bridge. Boyle's statues are all in place on the Transportation Building, and Golden Door begins in the left foreground.
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