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  IN CAIRO STREET - A Street in Cairo has become a conventional adjunct of univeral Expositions, but the Chicago concession was declared by competent judges to be the best of the kind that has been so far gotten together. The success of this entertainment was largely due to the characteristics of Western people, who seemingly look upon a ride on the back of a camel with favor, and certainly the same people love to see the mount. The engraving shows the narrow passage-way down which the camels trotted, and under the awning at the right, in the narrows, the rare Egyptian gave out that celebrated cry: "Alla good bum-bum, alla good bum-bum, gypsy candy!" This bum-bum, or gypsy candy, was made of threads of sweetness, larded in flour, and was a novelty. In the dancing theatre the young women posed and shook their frames, after the manner of the Orient for five thousand years back. The obelisk in the distance stood at the doors of a Temple of Luxor, in which were instructive wax casts of the Pharaohs - Thothmes III., the greatest of men, and Sesostris, the greatest of reputed warriors. The camels were loaded a little this side of the present scene. There were usually three ready for the mount. On these tall beasts, ladies with their male admirers would seat themselves, and when the camel got up, there was joy in Cairo. It was the most hilarious place on the Midway.
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