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  SOUTH ALCOVE OF THE PORCELAIN PORCH - Chicagoans were delighted to hear, in November, 1893, that the Porcelain Porch from the German Section had been presented to the Germania Club, the leading Teutonic social and political organization of the World's Fair City. Other pages have been devoted to this marvelous display, and the engravings here shown deal more largely with the detached exhibits of porcelain in the south alcove. The north alcove bore a beautiful mirror and placque of Emperor Frederick. This, the south alcove, at the right, where the Saracen pillar, in porcelain, is seen, with a cunningly wrought panel to its left, was differently treated. Instead of a mirror was a large porcelain mantel-piece. Two figures, almost life-sized, male and female, supported the mantel and of them, the female alone is here seen. Above them, serving as the key of an arch, was a medallion, flanked by cherubs. Higher up is one of four tablets, in porcelain, holding bas-reliefs of the seasons. The statues, vases, caskets, paintings and decorations which abounded in this exhibit may be critically studied in the detailed picture at the left. No other art or trade in any other nation was fitted with a setting so extensive, appropriate or beautiful, and that Professor Kips was able to bring it safely to Chicago was the subject of widespread felicitation.
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