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  THE PORCELAIN PORCH - The most striking feature of the German Exhibit on Columbia Avenue in the Manufactures Building was the Porcelain Porch of which these pages offer several other views in detail. The Austrian Portal rises at the extreme right, but the reader is to know that from the balustrade in the same region to a point much further than the left of our scene, the entire structure is china - the output and monument of the Royal Porcelain Factory of Berlin, and the most astonishing performance in the history and achievements of pottery. The transportation to Chicago without mishap, of the enormous and fragile construction, added wonder upon wonder. Between the Saracen pillars and under the statuary at the apex, was the largest of several paintings on porcelain tiles, representing Germania and her foremost sons of industry and courage. The scene was on the Rhine, with Cologne's cathedral towers, Germania in the clouds, and Father Rhine in his boat below. The light has glowed from the blocks of tile, and the beautiful picture is indiscernible. This painting was the work of Professor Kips, who superintended the entire exhibit, and with skill and good fortune safely erected the sturcture at the Exposition. The Germania Club, of Chicago, became the possessor of this trophy of the ceramic art in November, 1893, and it was re-erected in their handsome club-house on North Clark street. The great iron fence of Germany stood in front of this open space.
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