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  GALLERY 57, ART PALACE - We here look toward the south and east walls of gallery 57, in the French section, east annex, of the Art Palace at Jackson Park, and the picture, perhaps, offers a novel demonstration of the actual truth of modern photographic art. By this means we may recall the pictures and locate them on the walls. As we enter the portal and turn to our left, we have the large painting of Ernest Bordes, of Paris, called "Le Laminoir," a vivid scene in a steel mill, which many will remember. Beneath are three pictures, - on the left, "The Last Rays," by Emile Dardois; in the center, "Prunes," by Madame Madeline Lemaire; on the right, "The Valley of the Loire at Chateaudun," by Prosper Galerne - all Parisian works. The great picture on the next, or right wall, is "Flowery Spring," by P. Frank Lamy, of Paris. On the left, in the upper row of smaller pieces, is first the "Sea Birds and Waves" of Delacroix, and next, to the right, Fonvielle's "Eclipse of the Moon;" beneath, on the left, is Rene Gilbert's "Fisherman," and Paul Grolleron's "Capture in 1793." We now turn our eyes on that portion of the east wall to the left, or north of the portal, and see another large picture of "Spring," offering a notable comparison with the scene on the south wall. This is by Albert Fourie. The three pictures beneath, beginning at the left, are Allegre's "Old Port at Marseilles," Gueldry's "City Laboratory, Paris," and Courant's "Coming Storm." All the painters are Parisians.
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