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  UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT LIGHTHOUSE AND SIGNALS - In the alcove of the Treasury Department, southwest, and adjoining the beautiful rotunda of the Government Building, was the exhibit which is seen in the engraving. The principal feature was a model of the lighthouses built on the Spectacle Reef, at the northern end of Lake Huron. Standing on the model is a lighter model of the beacon used on Western rivers. Near by on the right is a model of the gas buoy, and on the same table the model of a whistling buoy. These devices when in use are scientifically anchored, in order that, however rough the weather, they may retain a nearly upright position in the water. The actual buoys - hundreds of times larger than the models, might be seen in the actual lighthouse and life-saving exhibit which was established east of the Government Building, with lighthouse, light-keepers' house, life-saving station and crew, and many buoys of various kinds. On the walls of the alcove are the portraits of Secretaries of the Treasury, which are owned by the Government, and were taken for the summer from their places in Washington. Other alcoves were decorated with oil paintings of officials who have presided over the Departments of State, Interior, War and Justice. It is from these pictures that the engravers have taken the likenesses for the familiar greenback vignettes.
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