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  THE TOWER OF ORANGES - The engraving shows the attractive exhibit of the people of Los Angeles County, California, in the northern end of the southwestern curtain of Horticultural Hall - that is, near and southwest of the great dome. This tower stood directly before the door as the visitor entered, after having left the rotunda. The base was fourteen feet square, and the tower, beginning with a diameter of five feet, rose to a height of thirty-two feet and tapered gradually to a diameter of less than four feet at the apex. The oranges were selected with reference to their position in the tower, and were the pick of Los Angeles County. The wire fastenings could not be detected until the fruit had shrunken with months of exhibition; one set of oranges lasted through the Fair, though looking much the worse for exposure. A handsome satin gonfalon hung at the base, giving the name of the exhibitor. Near by were spread the finest specimens of Malt Bloods, Mediterranean Sweets, Wilson Seedlings, Joppas, St. Michaels, Konahs, and Australian and Washington Navels. The same county displayed Lisbon, Sicily, Villa Franca, Bonnie Brae and Eureka lemons, shaddocks, pomelos, grape fruit, China lemons, citrons, Mexican limes and apples, with jars containing enormous specimens of fruit.
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