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The Age of Iron--Alfred Lawson
The Albert Memorial--The Doultons [London]
Barge of State--MacMonnies
Ceres--Philip Martiny
The Columbus Quadriga--Daniel C. French and E. C. Potter
The Cowboy--Proctor
The Indian--Proctor
Circular Cascade and the Sea Horses
The Cossack's Answer--Elias Evimovicht Repine
Cupid and Psyche--Lionel Royer
Cupid's Captives--Ernest Jean Aubert
The Daughter of the Rajah--Paul Sinibaldi
The Empty Saddle--S. E. Waller
The Falconer--Eugene Fromentin
The Favored Swain--Frederick Morgan
The First Pair of Earrings--Cipriano Folguras
The Fishers Caught--Anicito Marinas y Garcia
The Five Senses--Hans Makart
"The Four Races" ("The Horoscopes")--Philip Martiny
French and German Porcelains
German Fountain
Hailing the Ferry--D. Ridgway Knight
Holy Women at the Tomb--Adolphe Bouguereau
Invasion of Cupid's Realm ("Wasp's Nest")--Adolphe Bouguereau
Joan of Arc Listening to the Voices--Diogenes Ulysses Maillart
The Man with the Hoe--J. F. Millet
The New Whip--C. Burton Barber
Night and Morning--Dausch
On the Brink of the Well--Frederic Montenard
On the Yacht Namouna--Jules Stewart
Our Mother of the Angels--Adolphe Bouguereau
The Overthrow--Rosa Bonheur
"The Humble Servant"/"King of the "Forest"--Rosa Bonheur
The Palm Offering--Frederick Goodall
Portrait of Mademoiselle Darlaud--Andre Brouillet
Psyche--Paul Thaumann
Ready for the Garden Party--Jules Machord
Romeo and Juliet--Constantine Egorovitch Makowsky
"Sappho"/"Follette"--I. Spiridon
Silver Queen
Song of the Lark--Jules Breton
Soup Bubbles--Elizabeth Gardner
Spirit Guarding the Secret of the Tomb --Charles Rene de Paul Saint Merceaux
Statuary on the Administration Building
Statue of California
Statue of the French Republic
Statue of Germania
Statue of Industry -- French & Potter
Statue of PlentyE. Potter
Statues on Machinery Hall
Statue of The Republic
Throwing the First Stone--Rodolpho Bernardetti
A Wedding in Little Russia--Nicolay Kornilovich Bodarewsky
Young Girls Going to the Procession--Jules Adolphe Aime Louis Breton

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