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  THE BOAT PARADE ON TRANSPORTATION DAY - The scene represents the Exposition grounds at the southeast corner of the Wooded Island on Saturday morning, September 9, 1893. Transportation Day began with a marine parade, and the early comers may be seen gathered beside the waters that are in view, studying the many forms of water craft that pass. The section of gondolas is at hand, and beside the ordinary forms of these Venetian canoes, we may see a sort of Bucentaur barge rowed by eight men in vari-colored garb. This barge made a brilliant spectacle, and was everywhere studied with pleasure, as realizing to the eye many scenes described in books of travel. In this single, silent and straggling procession there passed the different small craft of the nations. The Indian in his canoe or dug-out; the African in his bimba; the Esquimaux in his kyack; the Japanese phoenix boat; the Adriatic braganza; a man on a water-bicycle; a foot-geared side-wheeler; rafts; steam, electric, and naphtha launches or propellers; life-boats; yawls, with Spanish sailors from the Santa Maria, French marines, and American man-of-warsmen from the Michigan; champion oarsmen in out-riggers; fishing boats from the bays and coasts; oyster, lobster and clam boats - in all, a novel and varying entertainment, which, long as it might be, was too soon brought to a finish.
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