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  JAVA'S QUAINT EXHIBIT - The exhibit which is portrayed in the engraving was placed in the east gallery of the Agricultural Building, and it was by covering a window and creating this artistic typanum that the picturesque effect was produced. While it might be thought that this was an out-of-the-way nook, and that few would care to note the quaint and modest display of the humble Javanese, still enough millions came that way to entirely destroy the matting, which, as may be seen in the picture, was beginning to give away when this scene was perpetuated by the camera. On the central show case was the model of a Javanese bridge, made after the fashion of Javanese engineering without nails, screws or mortises, but by merely lashing the timbers together. Here the principles of the truss and arch are demonstrated. The Japanese operate in a similar way. The show case contained bunches of grass and tea, for the Javanese, like the people of Ceylon, while famous as coffee makers, are most desirous to secure some of the tea trade which China and Japan enjoy. The glass jars contained samples of tea or coffee in the leaf or berry. The scene in the center of the tympanum is an English painting of a Javanese landscape, while the low estate of native art may be noted in the rude carvings and paintings which are seen at the sides.
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