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  IN THE BEDOUIN ENCAMPMENT - Nearly or quite the last western feature on the south side of Midway Plaisance, as the visitor left that boulevard and entered Cottage Grove avenue, a mile from the Fair, was a stockade in which a Wild East entertainment was offered, similar in nature to the Oriental features of Buffalo Bill's Wild West, at Sixty-fourth street. The engraving shows a company of performers seated on their handsome steeds, and caparisoned for battle and pillage. A camel is also seen in the rear. The tents, shanties, and stockade of the troop may be noted, showing many resemblances to the out-door performances at Buffalo Bill's. In front of the encampment, on a small platform, a man who blew a small shrill pipe, a young woman who danced or postured, and a young man who accompanied her in the dance, performed before the open Plaisance,with a view of introducing visitors to the troupe, and piquing public curiosity. The evolutions of the spearman and their sham battles were attractive to lovers of the turf, and not unpleasant spectacles to the masses. The troupe began operations at Sixteenth street, moved to Garfield Park, west of the city, and finally landed safely on the Plaisance, but its members left the city vowing to roast the first Chicagoan they met in the desert.
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