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  CANADA IN THE AGRICULTURAL - This enclosure, which bore at its corner portals the names of Canadian provinces, but partly represents the large display made by our Northern neighbors in the building. The engraving here presented offers a study of the details of the facade, and it may be seen that no similar effects outside of the Iowa Building were superior in Beauty. The massing of grasses and grains on the columns, on the pavilion itself, and on the frieze, with the grain-cornice and festoons, made a picture that delighted every farmer. The arrangement of grasses and grain-jars at the exteriors and the pyramids within may be noted before the eye reaches the black velvet sanctum on which stood, in golden relief, the decorations so easily seen. This inner house was erected by the Agricultural College of Ontario, and beside its ornate legend, its roof was covered with exhibits, and an artistic grouping of sickle, rake and fork completed a good picture. The area covered by the exhibits of Canada at this point was seven thousand seven hundred and sixty square feet, and beside a remarkable agricultural display there were samples of Canadian whisky and beer. The "lion" of Canada, however, and perhaps of the Agricultural Building, was a cheese made in Lanark County, weighing twenty-two thousand pounds, the Colossus of all curdles, a monster in whose heart an elephant might play mouse, and a marvel to be smelled the length of the building - from Pekin to Peru.
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