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  IN FRONT OF THE LAPLAND VILLAGE - The visitors here seen are entering the World's Fair from Cottage Grove avenue, a mile west of the Woman's Building. They are passing the Lapland Village, where the reindeer figures are the attraction on which the proprietors rely to draw the attention of the public. Next ahead is the Dahomey Village, and the gothic roofs of Old Vienna are just appearing at the left. A "recommender" or "barker" is seen at the entrance, and he is giving the history of the colony, the story of "King Bull," which is related on another page, and the news of the birth of a reindeer. The Lapland colony was brought to Chicago by Emil Arner, and his company arrived in Chicago on May 21, 1893. The Village being unprepared, the Laps took temporary quarters at the Hotel Dearborn. The voyage of the people was made in the steamship Runic. The animals came on another vessel, and two reindeer were born on the way. Arriving at the Exposition railway yards, another was born, and Manager Conley named it Columbia. The Turkish and Arabian orchestras, then present on Midway, gave the little reindeer a serenade, and welcomed the Northern people to the Street of Nations. The mother of the new-born animal shed a horn at the birth, and a week later shed the other.
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