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  LIBERTY BELL IN ORANGES - We cannot blame the Philadelphians who ruefully behold "new Liberty Bells," and warn Chicagoans to "take none but the genuine," yet Liberty Bell is not yet without its loyal lovers, as was shown in one of the western curtains of the Horticultural Building, where on a platform, raised over four feet from the floor, hung a full-sized effigy of Independence Bell, as shown in the engraving, with the famous crack on the side, as plainly to be seen as if it were in the old bell that was guarded so zealously in the doorway of Pennsylvania's magnificent building. The fruit growers of San Diego, California, arranged this multifarious exhibit of lemons, oranges, shaddocks and grape fruit, which, particularly in the early months of summer threw out an exquisite and delicate aroma. On the side tables were arrangements of oranges from Ventura County, and citrus fruits from San Bernardino County, including the Redlands and Riverside. At the end, near the southern door, were displays of olives, olive oil and preserved limes from National City, and oranges and lemons from Pasadena and Pomona. There was a showing of Sultana grapes in jars and Sultana raisins in boxes. The Californians set sixteen hundred plates, holding seven varieties of oranges, five of lemons, and two of limes. They also displayed twenty-seven varieties of fruits and seven vegetables in jars, and these bottled specimens were probably the largest seen at the Exposition.
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