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  THE BEAUTY SHOW - In 1892, Messrs. William M. Knox and W. T. C. Hyde, two of the best-known reporters on the Chicago daily press, laid before Mr. W. G. Press, a capitalist and member of the Board of Trade, the plan for a Beauty Show on the Plaisance. The fine title of "The International Dress and Costume Exhibit" passed muster with the directors of the Exposition. The best plot of ground on the Midway was obtained, and Mr. Hyde went to Europe for his beauties. He returned with a bevy of about twenty-five young women, all of whom were pretty, some beautiful, and none capable of speaking English fluently, the latter condition being especially desired by the management. A large chamber lighted from the roof and surrounded with a platform was open in the centre to the public, and on the platform the European contingent, recruited to the required number of forty beauties, was ranged, one girl usually representing a nation. In some cases it was desired to display rich costumes from rival milliners, and in a conspicuous booth at the end of the hall a Sultana was surrounded by her maids, and offered a pleasing tableau. The place was crowded with visitors, and the best of discipline was maintained. An orchestra was added, and Neapolitan girls danced on the main floor at intervals. A male quartette sang, and other entertainments were constantly going. The opening took place May 10th, 1893.
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