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  THE TROUPE OF SOUDANESE - The engraving represents the troupe of Nubians that made a part of the company in Cairo Street, and gave separate entertainments in their tent near the Temple of Luxor. The two young men who are saluting for the encounter were greatly admired on account of their personal beauty; and the combatant on the right, Mohammed Ali, a youth of eighteen years, is regarded with so much pride by the tribe that his separate portrait will form a part of this collection of pictures. The men at the ends of the line are trained warriors and fanatics, whose spears broke through the hollow squares of the British in the war with Mahdi, and it is their hope that these comely youths will anon take rank with their elders as upholders of the Prophet and terrors of the desert. With a shield of elephant's hide held on their left arms, these swordsmen attempted to wound the feet or disarrange the carefully plaited hair of the enemy. The swords would strike the opposing shields with great force, and, in the heat of the combat, and under the taunts which were a part of the battle, the weapons would fly with dazzling rapidity, it seeming to please the party best when Mohammed Ali was hit. After they had been separated by their elders, a combat with crooked sticks would follow, and this was even more vigorous and exciting. The party made a few excursions to the shopping districts of Chicago, and returned to Assouan before the end of the Fair.
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