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  PORTAL OF THE NORTH TRANSEPT OF THE CATHEDRAL OF BORDEAUX - This cast, from the Trocadero collection at Paris, stood in alcove 83, east court, of the Art Palace at Jackson Park. The principal decoration divides the portal, where Bertrand de Got, Archbishop of Bordeaux, elected Pope in 1305 as Clement V., stands arrayed in chasuble, with gloved hands and tiara on his head, imposing the Apostolic benediction on the flocks which he was honored in the church. But there is more of Clement V. than this beautiful picture of local fame. It was he who aided Philip le Bel, the king, in his burning of De Molay, the Templar, and the persecution of the crusaders' order by treacherous means, and the innovation by which Clement V. removed the chair of St. Peter from Rome to Avignon was one of the most serious difficulties of the Roman hierarchy. At the sides of the portal are six bishops in their robes, and the archivaults are filled with statuettes of angels, the Twelve Apostles, and various prophets and partriarchs. The typanum conforms to a manner of sculptors, and holds three stages. It is probable that the sculptor was guided by the utilitarian idea of offering to the people (who could not read) as much instruction as possible. In the lower row is the Last Supper; next above, the Apostles behold the ascension of the Saviour; above, the Saviour is seated in heaven.
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