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  OHIO'S TEMPLE IN THE AGRICULTURAL BUILDING - The pavilion of the Buckeye State in the Agricultural Building stood in the southeast group of commonwealths, on the right side of a main aisle, going east. It presented another view than the one seen in the engraving, and from its rear appeared as a circular enclosure. Its front, as here presented, was an ingenious and faithful reproduction of an Athenian temple - approximately the Parthenon, and the taste and invention displayed, for instance, in its pediment, cannot be too highly extolled. The pillars of the peristyle simulated grain jars of glass, and cereals were everywhere to be seen under the glare of these remarkable columns. The classic effects were marred by sheaves of wheat at the corners, with cereal finials, and a central sheaf on the summit. A plow dominated the scene, and over the temple hung the banner of Ohio. Two terraced rows of show-cases defended the front of the temple, and on the walls of its loggias were, simply but beautifully arranged, the multifarious grasses, food-plants, mosses and vines that are cultivated by the husbandmen of Ohio. On other sides were long rows of large oval-topped glass jars containing cereals. These jars, common in the exposition, especially in chemical and agricultural displays, were filled from the bottom and there sealed, presenting the hermetical appearance of ancient glass packages. The square front was the handsomest portion of this remarkable structure..
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