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  NORTH ALCOVE OF THE PORCELAIN PORCH - The most remarkable of the German exhibits on Columbia Avenue in the Manufactures Building, was the Porcelain Porch of Professor A. Kips, of Berlin, some portion of which is shown in the engraving. This vast structure in pottery gave a framework to the paintings on tile, the vases, and the chinaware that were here displayed in rich profusion. The steps approached two inner rooms behind the tile paintings usually closed to the public. The wrought iron balustrades were in keeping with the beautiful fencing of the German Section, and placques, Saracen pillars, tablets, bas-reliefs, mirrors and balustrades gave the structure a sufficent architectural dignity. Great crowds continually stood before this work, or at the hours in which the public was permitted to ascend the steps, passed through the ball-room ceiled, walled and floored with white porcelain, and into the dining-room, where the elegance and beauty of artistic porcelain were displayed on white linen, garnished with glistening silver. The stairway at each side was flanked by a rich vase on a great pedestal, and the value of this work may be instantly determined. Behind this vase is the north alcove of the Porch, holding centrally a small mirror in a highly carved porcelain frame. Crowning this niche, and rising over the balustrade, is a porcelain placque of the late Emperor Frederick - "Unser Fritz."
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