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  TOMB OF LOUIS DE BREZE IN THE CATHEDRAL OF ROUEN - This cast stood in alcove 90, of the east court of the Art Palace in Jackson Park, and represented the tomb of the High Seneschal of Normandy, who died in 1531. In the original the body, of alabaster, lies on a sarcophagus of black marble. The widow, Diana of Poitiers, mourns at the head, and the Blessed Virgin bearing the Child stands consolingly at the feet. This beautiful sculptural creation was the work of Jean Cousin and Jean Goujon. The height is about twenty-two feet. The central object on this tomb is the effigy of De Breze, in complete panoply, moving into action on his war-horse, and the boldness of the lateral treatment, which shows four equally large, or larger, caryatides supporting the coronal entablature, may be noted as the most significant lesson to be here learned. It is certain that the eye goes to the scene of glory rather than to the end of man below, and he was a great artist who permitted so much effect on each side of his successful central figure. These caryatides represent Victory, Faith, Prudence and Glory, (beginning at the left). On the upper entablature is reared a nimiature work of similar skill and commemorative of the courage of De Breze. Inscriptions in Latin appear on the pedestals, and on the tablets, which decorate the main walls of the monument, the virtues of the dead husband are recounted on black marble.
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