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  ONTARIO IN THE HORTICULTURAL BUILDING - It was a favorite route of visitors who passed from Midway Plaisance to the Court of Honor to go through the west curtains of the Horticultural Building, and it may be well to explain the position of these curtains. The architects of Horticultural Hall built three pavilions - a large central one and two terminal ones. In order to inclose two courts, one on each side of the central dome, galleries ran from centre to ends on both the front and the rear lines of the building. It was in the galleries or curtains of the rear or western side that the rich and odorous horticultural displays of the World's Columbian Exposition were made, while the floral exhibition occupied the great rotunda and the eastern curtains. On entering these halls of apples, pears, grapes, berries, oranges, lemons, limes, peaches, plums, cherries, currants and canned goods, not only did the fragrance of great masses of choice fruit delight the senses, not only did the exceeding beauty of the scene vanquish the eye, but a deep impresion of the bounty of nature and the wealth of the land was made on the most casual observer. In these displays the people of Canada, notwithstanding the disadvantages of their latitude, offered an exhibition more creditable than the showings of commonwealths better favored with population, wealth, and climate. While not foremost, still the Canadian section, as portrayed in the picture, was typical, hospitable, and memorable. No one who entered these curtains will forget the aroma of grapes, oranges and peaches that gladdened the precincts.
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