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  THE TALL ALGERIAN - "Papa Ganon," a celebrity of Midway Plaisance, where, indeed, a man must have seen and done much to gather more than a momentary fame, brought to Chicago, for the Algerian Theatre, the prettiest women and the tallest and most remarkable men that were shown on the Street of Nations. They arrived in Chicago on the 25th of April, 1893, and the party of forty-five, marching, with their native music, from the Dearborn Station to the Illinois Central Suburban Station, and again into Midway Plaisance, made a stirring scene. The Aissoire at the left was six feet four inches high, and could eat fire, run skewers through his cheeks and tongue, and cast spells on the colored waiters of Chicago in a way that caused a profound sensation.

THE PERSIAN SWORDSMAN AND DANCER - The Persian Palace was to have been a museum of the customs, industries, arts and amusements of the land of Ahasuerus, but when it was found that the public preferred to patronize the dances of the Persian cafes chantants, the worthy features of the concession fell into neglect; and the handsome young man here seen went over the the Beauty Show, where, in the centre of the great room, to various kinds of music, he hourly performed as an Oriental dancer making a very graceful and pleasing appearance.
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