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  UNITED STATES SUBMARINE DIVING EXHIBIT - This little building, which surrounded a huge tank of water, stood opposite the Libby Glass Works, on the south side of Midway Plaisance, at the intersection of Washington Avenue, had that street crossed Midway. A man turned the force-pump on the balcony, attracting much attention. The visitor paid ten cents and entered at the right portal. Ascending a rude stair-case he reached the surface of the water. There a lecturer was seated, who explained the entrance and exit of air into and from the diver's armor, and asked for small coins, which were tossed into the water by their owners. Through a telephone the diver, "Charley," who was unseen in the bubbling water, reported the dates on these coins, and often returned them to their former possessors. The diver then came to the surface with the effigy of a drowned man, and allowed the people to see the armor in which he was encased. He did not look essentially different from the painting which is seen at the left front of the gaudily bedecked shanty. Next the visitors filed down another rough pine staircase on the left and took positions at the many peepholes which looked in upon the pale blue water in the tank. To these holes the diver came in turn, holding up a card on which, in large letters, was printed some civil farewell compliment. His appearance was that of a very wet man. His hands were shriveled and soaked, and the visitor received the impression that life in the deep is not easy even for a scientific diver.
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