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  TYPICAL SCENE IN CAIRO STREET - The pictures on this page give the two grand features of the Street in Cairo. On the left we see the "music" of the Wedding Procession. In front of these gaily caparisoned camels, lead by donkey boys, was another camel on which was the half-stripped Egyptian who danced with his shoulders, after the Asiatic, African and Muscovite manner; behind the tom-tom beaters came the camels with great howdahs, holding the bride; after them the hollow squares of celebrants, the Bull Apis, and the oots, drums and priests of Luxor. It was interesting to watch this procession from the heights of the Ferris Wheel, which rose and fell over the scene. Here, while the public might be awestruck with the rites of Ammon-Ra, Mout, and Chons, the man in the cars of the wheel could also behold, in the rear of these latticed palaces, a lively fight between two Egyptians over the possession of a goat. Between the Wedding Processions, when the ships of the desert could be spared, the guileless public rode the camel in the exact manner here seen. Why this should have been such an attraction is not known; but because there were always a swain and lass together, and because the lass always repented when it was too late and the altitudinous camel was rising in sixteen parts, the dense crowd at the square would go into convulsions of merriment.
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