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  GALLERY FROM THE CATHEDRAL OF LIMOGES - This delicate and beautiful piece of ecclesiastical architecture and sculpture is to be found in the Cathedral at Limoges, and its cast was among the exhibits in the Trocadero collection in the Art Palace, at Chicago. The original was executed in marble by an unknown artist in 1533-34, for Jean de Langeac, Bishop of Limoges, Ambassador of France to Rome. This ornament is chiefly remarkable for the grace of its balustrade and the richness of its pendent arches. In the centre is a wide door-way, under an elliptical arch. Passing from left to right it is to be noted that the ornate arches abruptly terminate, leaving a square and unfilled place. The columns are carved in many ways, and between them pilasters, niches, and brackets increase the bewildering but dainty detail. These niches once held statues, and there remain in bas-relief the figures of angels carrying symbols of the holy passion. Between the arches under the balustrade are mutilated statues in bas-relief, speaking of the sacrilege of the revolutionary times. It is believed that these statues represented Faith, Hope and Charity on one side, and Justice, Prudence and Temperance on the other. As though the foliations, carvings, arches, pendents, brackets, pilasters and balusters were not sufficiently ornate, the designer has added the conspicuous bracket-like ornament at the cornice, which even increased the grace and airiness of the work.
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