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  THE GREAT SIBERIAN MAMMOTH - In the center of the south gallery of the Anthropological Building stood the chief object of Professor Ward's astonishing Rochester collection of prehistoric animals. This was a theoretical, but scientific reproduction of the largest animal that has developed among the quadrupeds of the earth. The scientist who superinteded this construction was Doctor L. Martin, an experienced German preparator. His measurements were taken from bones of the mammoth, which are to be seen in the Royal Museum at Stuttgart, Germany. With an animal thus proportioned as to bones, the operator next visited the Russian Imperial Museum at St. Petersburg, where the remains of that most remarkable of all mammoths are preserved. This tropical animal was found in 1799, in a glacier near the mouth of the river Lena, in norther Siberia. By means of the great and perpetual cold the flesh and hair of the creature had been kept intact, and these forms have been fiathfully reproduced as the coverings of the framework obtained in the other way, completed. The structure measures twenty-two feet in length as it stands in the picture, and is sixteen feet high. The curved tusks are six feet long. The model, as reproduced, differs in the features from the elephant of the present day only as to the shaggy hair covering the body, and is certainly an impressive souvenir of the past. It was surrounded by specimens fully as astonishing.
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