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  THE WONDERFUL GRAIN-PICTURE - In the western part of the Illinois Building, covering a large expanse of wall, was a highly colored mosaic of grains and grasses made in the semblance of a vast framed painting. It was designed by Mr. Fursman. The frame was largely composed of sections of yellow corn - ears, making disks of various sizes. Within this frame, which was very deep, was the scene - an ideal Illinois prairie farm of one hundred and sixty acres. Farm house, barns, and stock sheds were represented by the ingenious treatment of corn husks, and a picket fence surrounded the homestead. Stock and poultry were clustered in the barnyard, and a country deep in its shadows, and vivid in its colors; yet in the entire sweep of the great scene not a pigment nor an element of construction was used, save the natural grasses, grains, berries and leaves indigenous to Illinois. A curtain of great width partly veiled the scene, and was also composed in the same clever way. This curtain was caught up by a cunningly wrought rope, the tassels of which were made of yellow corn. The heroic size of this picture, its convenient setting as a mural decoration in an agricultural exhibit, and the artistic value of its effects operated to attract vast numbers of admirers.
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