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  FRENCH SCULPTURE IN THE ART PALACE - The engraving gives a view looking north in the north court of the main building, Art Palace, in Jackson Park. The interior construction of this massive edifice may also be studied. Statues, more than paintings, and both to a discouraging degree, suffer from miscellaneous grouping. One statue, arresting the vision, may seem inspiring and instructive; a hundred or a thousand may confuse the mind and disturb a willing appreciation. Nevertheless, the only method so far devised of advancing the interests of men of art and soul, is by exhibitions of which the engraving is a portrayal. Room for study is afforded about each effigy, and no work was admitted to these distinguished halls lest it had met the approval of eminent and skilled authorities. Notice is perhaps first drawn to Bartholdi's bronze group of Washington and Lafayette, on the left, which was the object of chief popular interest hereabouts. Nearer, and to the right, is a cast of Massoulle's "Ancestor," the original of which, in bronze, belongs to the city of Paris. Before the portal, centrally in the distance, stands Lami's "First Transgression," a plaster cast of the marble statue which is in the National Museum, at Paris. The first murderer bears his murdered brother to a place of concealment. In front of the pillar at the left, is Choppin's bronze statue of a "Volunteer of 1776." On the extreme left is Houdain's "Faun," a marble statue.
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