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  WINDSOR CASTLE AT JACKSON PARK - Serving as the roof of a pavilion near the western entrance of the Manufactures Building, was a model of Windor Castle, the London home of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria. The pavilion was forty-five feet long and eighteen feet wide, and was divided into two compartments. The model on the summit cost eight months of labor. Here a rapid and faithful study of the original could be made. George Augustus Sala says: "In visiting Windsor Castle itself recently, and making our way to the historic Winchester Tower, the official residence of the 'Inspector of the Castle,' we were ushered in, and presented our credential to Mr. Collman, who is responsible to the Lord Chamberlain for the care, repair, renovation and due order and arrangement of the furniture, fittings, appointments and priceless art treasures, such as tapestries, paintings, statuary and costly china of the Royal Palace of Windsor. It occurred to us, before taking our leave, to ask Mr. Collman what was the usual time required to get the Royal apartments in fit order for Her Majesty's occupation. He replied that a fortnight was usually allowed, but that, on an emergency, by working ceaselessly night and day from the time notice was given, he had know the preparations, as on the Queen's return to Windsor after the death of Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, to be completed in forty-eight hours, a surprisingly short time when the extent of the royal apartments is remembered."
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