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  THE BISMARCK COLLECTION- But a short distance within the iron fence that served as the facade of the German Section on Columbia Avenue in the Manufactures Building, stood the great Porcelain Porch, and about it, on three sides were cases, such as the one seen in the distance behind the Columbian Guard. The Bismarck Collection was the attractive title which drew people of all nations to these quarters, but there were few cases which held Bismarckian trophies exclusively. In this case, however, as well as in the one that stood directly in front of the Porcelain Porch, the articles were principally those which had been presented to the Chancellor of Blood and Iron when he ruled the destinies of Fatherland under the old Kaiser. These were usually pieces in silver offered as souvenirs to the Prince by admiring cities through their municipal officers, and frequently bore inscriptions expressive of the veneration in which the recipient was held. There were also many gifts of a similar character which had been bestowed on the old Kaiser, on Von Moltke, and on Kaiser Wilhelm II., the present monarch. Some of the most beautiful pieces were wrought on leather as a base, and embellished with the crown and shield of Germany in jewels and enamels, showing the highest perfection of the goldsmith's art. Most of the silver pieces were entirely decorative and ornamental. The view representing the Bismarck collection has now an added interest owing to the recent reconcilliation of the aged Chancellor and the young Emperor.
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