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  THE AGE OF IRON - This bronze group by Alfred Lawson, sculptor, of Paris, was exhibited in the north court of the central pavilion in the Art Palace, where the statuary of the French Section was largely shown. It represents man, with his added powers of force, after he has learned to displace the weapon of stone with the product of the mine, and is essentially a picture of the early Greek age, made classic by Homer. Achilles stands over his victim, listening to his plea for mercy, where, after the iron spar will be plunged through the vitals of the fallen foe, and the heart of Homer, the poet, will be filled with love for the relentless hero.

SPIRIT GUARDING THE SECRET OF THE TOMB - This plaster cast executed for the Chicago Art Institute, by Charles Rene de Paul Saint Merceaux, of Paris, was exhibited in the rotunda of the east pavilion of the Art Palace, in the French Section. This work might convince the observer that its author would mark all his pieces with similar mannerisms, yet the sculptor is celebrated for his versatility, and this Dantesque statue is but a passing expression of his fund of study and experiement. Saint-Merceaux was born at Rheims, in September, 1845. He learned sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and was a pupil of Jouffroy. The cast will be very useful to scholars in the study of postures for groups.
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