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  A WEDDING IN LITTLE RUSSIA - This painting, by Nicolay Kornilovich Bodarewsky, was placed on the south wall of Gallery 20, in the Russian Section of the Art Palace. It gives the color of the Northern lands, the weight of garments, the solemnity of formula, the respect felt for luxury and wealth, and withal the power of religion, for in Russia religious sentiment and patriotism are joined in one thought. No other result of the World's Fair was more striking than the advances made by Americans in the knowledge of Russia, which must impress the student as the greatest of nations if the oneness of its people, the extent of their country, and the force of their habits be considered. We learned of their leather, furs, iron, cordials, mosaic-work, and goldsmithing, in all of which it seemed that they had no rivals, and at Festival Hall for several weeks the Lineff Russian Choir went through the ceremonies and songs of a Russian Wedding, giving to the rite the same importance that is indicated in the rich attire of these stately dames. This rite in Russia is far older than their Christianity. The celebration is at the home of the bride's parents, where the marriage is performed. The groom in the painting has entered too soon, or perhaps made a forcible entry in token of pagan customs. The people are the groom's people, and together they will carry the bride to the church, thus retaining the barbaric idea of capture.
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