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  THE CIRCULAR CASCADE AND THE SEA HORSES - The engraving gives a detailed view of the northeastern arc of the basin surrounding the MacMonnies Fountain, the chief decoration of the Grand Basin at the Exposition. There were eight of these sea-horses, made in the form of the mythical hippocampus, and they drew the Barge of State, which is out of sight at the left. It may be seen that the cascade was in three stages, of a single terrace at the base, and two triple terraces the rest of the way to the summit. Enough water was forced over this conspicuous declivity to create bubble and foam, and additional sprays added to the crystal beauty of the scene. The engines in Machinery Hall furnished the required, force, and the scene in the cool of the afternoon, when ten thousand persons were gathered to express their admiration and delight, was, by all odds, the most satisfactory and memorable thing connected with the Exposition. We gaze through the spray upon the northwest corner of the Agricultural Building. Just this side of it rises one of the Venetian columns, with Neptune and his trident. On the corner is one of Martiny's Horoscope groups; near by, Martiny's Seasons. Four of his eagles are in sight, and on the piers we obtain a good distant view of one each of his bovine and equine groups. On the central dome is St. Gaudens' brazen Diana, which came from the top of Madison Square Gardens, New York.
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