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  THE DAUGHTER OF THE RAJAH - This oil painting by Paul Sinibaldi, of Paris, and another, "Salammbo," by the same artist, hung on the north wall near the west corner in Gallery 56 of the East Pavilion at the Art Palace, where the exhibit of France in the Fine Arts was made. Our picture was also shown at the Paris Universal Exposition of 1889, and was greatly admired, both at Paris and at Chicago, on account of its brilliant coloring.

THE PALM OFFERING - It happens that when a painter gives himself to the study of the arrested civilization, such as the Semitic, he may tarry in the conservative methods of the past. He may be a Raphael and Murillo in 1893. His work, holding the round and unnatural forms of past art, appeals with tremendous historical force to the eye. Of the two pictures above, doubtless the French one is far the truest; but the world admires the antique model, and its painter, Frederick Goodall, R. A., perhaps the greatest living delineator of Asiatic and Holy Land subjects, receives the sincere plaudits of the world. Goodall, by the production of just such works as this mother and child, has been very famous for no less than forty years. This picture was loaned to the British Section of Fine Arts by Merton Russell Cotes, Esq., F. R. G. S., and was hung on the south wall of Gallery 17. "The Sea of Galilee," by Goodall, was also to be seen in the same gallery.
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