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  "THE FOUR RACES" - The conspicuous groups of statuary on each corner of the Agricultural Building were called "The Four Races," or the "Horoscopes." While they were the most prominent objects, excepting the brazen Diana on the central dome, they did not offer the best example of Martiny's originality, for a visit to the crescent of the French Building , where the views of Paris were fastened to the wall, revealed a fountain near the Trocadero Palace, on which four figures supported a zodiacal band of the same design in the same manner. But the figures of the Parisian fountain were by no means so elegant in form as was the "Horoscopes" at Chicago, and no building in the world, possibly, ever boasted corner decorations more satisfying to the eye. The frame-work of a sphere, on which was outlined the zone of the zodiac, was upheld by four nude female figures, personifying the four quarters of the globe. As our engraving shows, the harmony of form in the figure of the foreground is almost ideal, and the same charm of characterization appertained to each of the others. A Japanese symbolized Asia, and the diminutive stature of the subject only served to illustrate the resources of Martiny's art.
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