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  THE FIVE SENSES, BY HANS MAKART - While Bouguereau has founded his school and still lives, the earliest great admirer and collaborator in that field of art has come and gone these many years. The five-paneled oil painting which is portrayed above was, on account of the notoriety of its author, one of the chief attractions of the Austrian galleries in the Art Palace. It was a study in the nude, showing five different views of an ideal female human form. The senses of Smelling, Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Tasting are represented as in action, and in Tasting, Eve plucks the fruit from that forbidden tree "whose mortal taste brought death into the world, and all our woe with loss of Eden." The sense of Feeling, on the other hand, flatters woman with a recognition of her principal attraction, the love of the young and the joy that comes with its touch. Hans Makart, the sensational Austrian painter, was born in 1840 and died in Venice in 1884; but when his painting, "The Entry of Charles V into Antwerp," fell under the proscription of Anthony Comstock, the bold painter's fame was secured in America, for twenty years at least. The people desired at once to see what Mr. Comstock was persecuting, so they could tell whether he was acting correctly or in error. It is perhaps always the case that a painter who can limn the body cannot catch the true beauty in the face, yet the art and charm of these figures is freely acknowledged by the intellectual world.
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