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  THE COSSACK'S ANSWER - This grand picture by Elias Evimovicht Repine is the property of the Emperor of Russia and was purchased by him at a cost of $20,000. The story told is, that the King of Poland sent word to the estimable gentlemen, whose characters are so legibly drawn on the canvas, to the effect that unless they sent their tribute by a certain time, with hostages as security for future good faith, and a contingent to aid in fighting the King's battles, he would forthwith wipe his correspondents from the face of the earth. The degree of terror which this war-like missive did not inspire in their hearts is the subject of the artist's brush. To frame a reply sufficiently insulting in return, is the literary task to which these given spirits have now devoted themselves. As ideas more and more hostile take form, and taunts at first unthought of are found to be in harmony with the labors of the clerk and literary man, the savage merriment increases. The nomads are the best riders in the world. The Baron de Tott, in his celebrated memeoirs, out of which the derisive Munchausen papers partly grew, describes the peculiar character of the Cossack villages. There is but one street, which may however be two miles long. The riding of the Cossacks, in the arena outside Jackson Park on Sixty-first street, at Chicago, was viewed with astonishment by the people of all nations. There are about five million people in Russia who are nomads - Scythians, sons of the Magog of Tenth Genesis.
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