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  HAILING THE FERRY - This magnificent oil painting is the property of the Academy of the Fine Arts, of Philadelphia, and was exhibited by that institution in the collection of the United States. It hung on the east wall of Gallery 8, which was in the extreme northeast corner of the main Art Palace. Two French women approach the river. One beckons and the other calls loudly. The ferryman runs to his scow and soon will be over. This scene is depicted with the sterling integrity of the Barbizon school of French art, and will fill the historian with satisfaction, if not the idealist. If these pictures of peasant life shall be preserved during the march of progress, the sociologist will have authentic measurements of his success. It was for a time believed that the faithful artists who thus depicted the life of the lowly, aimed their canvases against the possessions of the wealthy, but it came about that the deadliest danger of the rich man was his ambition to possess pictures so true, owing to the rapid increase in their valuation. This canvas was the work of D. Ridgway Knight, of Paris, and was the only specimen of his art on exhibition at Chicago. The enduring patience and skill of the modern school are testified in the entire treatment.
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