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  PAINTINGS BY ROSA BONHEUR - We have previously reproduced Rosa Bonheur's great cattle picture, which was loaned to the World's Fair by Monsieur Gambard, Consul-General for Spain at Nice, and here present engravings of two more of her works - first, "The Humble Servant," and second, the "King of the Forest." Another of her pictures - "A Pastoral" - was lent by the estate of Jay Gould, and appeared in the United States collection. "The King of the Forest," hung on the north wall of Gallery 56, which was the large room just eastward of the rotunda of the east pavilion of the Art Palace. Isadore Bonheur, the brother of Rosa, was also represented in the Art Palace by specimens of his sculpture. Both these artists, and a dead brother who was a painter, were indebted to their father, a local celebrity of Bordeaux, for their early lessons in art. This parent inculcated the idea of drawing from the models of the street and barnyards, rather than from the conventional forms of the day. It was through the unerring instinct of the people of France and the world that Rosa Bonheur approached the heights of fame. The world of artists was repelled with real cattle, real donkeys and real sheep, as Paris, only a decade ago, was offended by Millet's real peasants. But the world of critics always confirms the verdict of the people. Miss Bonheur founded the Gratuitous School of Design for Young Girls.
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