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  THE FIRST PAIR OF EARRINGS - This humorous marble group of Cipriano Folguras stood in the Spanish Building on the lake shore in Jackson Park, as was loaned by the National Museum of Painting and Sculpture at Madrid. The practice of wearing rings in the ears of males has long been abandoned in English speaking countries, but obtains in Southern countries, where the bright sun is more trying to the eyes. It is the common belief that the piercing of the ears protects or strengthens the vision. Within a few years fashion has earnestly striven to abolish the use of earrings, even by women, but with little success. The earliest people know to history wore these ornaments, and beautiful examples are found in the Egyptian tombs.

THE FISHERS CAUGHT - This was a group in plaster by Anicito Marinas y Garcia, of Segovia, Spain, and stood in the Spanish Art Exhibit at the Art Palace, west court. The smaller of the two brothers is represented as falling in the toils of a devil-fish, from which the larger boy strives to effect a rescue. The humorous statue pleases greater numbers of people than does more reputable work in marble, but it may be questioned if marble should be put to such use. Yet of the two groups here portrayed, the one at the left has something very effective about it - something of dignity goes with the resolute dames that Raphael secured for his peasant madrones.
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