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  SOAP BUBBLES - If we entered at the main north portico of the Art Palace and turned out of the sculptural court at once into the rooms hung with oil paintings, we reached Gallery I, and on the south wall of this room was the "Soup Bubbles," by Elizabeth Gardner, of Paris, which is portrayed in our engraving at the left of the page. This oil painting is the property of Mr. Arthur Tooth, of London, and was lent to Miss Hallowell for exhibition at Chicago. The iridescent effects on the bubble, and the clever work which reproduced the reflection on a window in the rear, were the attractive features of the canvas. At the same time, so strong is the influence of truth on the people, this simple picture attracted whole families of visitors, who ventured to guess at facial resemblances to their friends, while great landscapes, mountains and nativities near by, were passed in haste.

THE NEW WHIP - This highly humorous picture is the property of William Yeates Baker, Esq., of London, and was loaned to the World's Fair. It hung on the south wall of Gallery 18 in the British Section, which occupied the entire southeast quarter of the main Art Palace. This master of the hounds was painted by C. Burton Barber, of London. My lord is accoutred with all his father's belongings, and has certainly secured the allegiance of the whole pack.
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