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  INVASION OF CUPID'S REALM - This oil painting, sometimes known as the Wasp's Nest, hung on the north wall of gallery 56, East Pavilion, off the rotunda, in the French Section of the Art Palace. It is the work of brilliant Adolphe Bouguereau, of Paris, and is owned by Mr. Charles T. Yerkes, of Chicago. The painting was loaned by its possessor to the French Commission. Mr. Yerkes is a lover of great paintings, and has gathered a collection which is already celebrated in the world of modern art. It is possible that no other painter has ever acquired the skill of Bouguereau in limning the nude female form, and the controversy over "the nude in art" finds an attorney on the side of the nude in the sincere admiration which his works have elicited all over the world. Bouguereau was the pupil of Picot, and was born at La Rochelle, France, November, 1825, and now at the age of sixty-nine, has been famous for thirty years. He was made a member of the Legion of Honor in 1859 for his magnificent paintings, and advanced through all the degrees to that of commander in 1885. He was also a member of the Institute of France in 1876, and a Knight of the Order of Leopold in 1881.
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