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  ON THE BRINK OF THE WELL - By Frederic Montenard. this fine picture was to be found in the southeast corner of Gallery 53, French Section, which the visitor entered immediately on ascending the southern steps to the last annex of the Art Palace. Across this large room, on the west wall, was another painting by the same artist, called "Under the Arbor." This picture of ripening love in rural scenes may be called an evolutionary step from the works of the Frenchman Millet, the Englishman Landseer, and the Danish DeHaas, for here human beings, beasts and fields are used as the vehicles of universal human emotion. In the march of the genre picture, we shall, then, first see Rosa Bonheur's, Landseer's and DeHaas' cows, sheep and horses. We shall thereafter study Millet's "Angelus," or "Man with the Hoe," which we have illustrated. In these, the artist has been occupied only with the inspiration of what we must call illumination, or luminosity. The edges of his objects will glow with light or fire, and the lover of art will choose the meaningless or pessimistic picture with these incandescent gleams of color rather than the glorious "Crosses of Constantine in the Clouds," that have soul, yet lack color. But sated with skill, the artist must at last bring all his fire to play on the feeling of the heart, and while the cows drink, the swain must sigh and the maiden blush. The picture before us is therefore an interesting study; we must eventually have a Barbizon school for the church and parlor, as well as for the potato-field.
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