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  NORTHWEST FROM THE ROOF OF THE GOVERNMENT BUILDING - This view gives us a particularly beautiful glimpse of the approach to the Wooded Island from the west pavilion of the Fisheries. In this west pavilion the exhibitors of various fish-hatcheries made displays which were in sharp contrast to the magnificent effects produced by the Government in the east pavilion of the same structure. On the narrow part of the Wooded Island, at the end of the bridge, are the permanent buildings erected by the Mikado and presented to Chicago as a testimony of the friendship of Japan. The Ho-o-den is a reproduction of a celebrated temple in the flower island, but modern architects have not wrought with the grace of their ancestors. These little buildings were erected in the Japanese manner by Japanese, and gave to Americans a sharp reminder of the superiority of Caucasian ideas. The round buildings on the shore at the left belonged to the White Star Steamship Company, and showed a model state-room with some miniature "ocean greyhounds." Beyond the Woman's Building is the Ferris Wheel. Across the avenue from the north end of the Woman's Building is the Bureau of Public Comfort. The great Illinois Building fronts the north end of the lagoon, and the small Merchant Tailors' Building and the Cafe de la Marine complete the foreground of the scene.
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