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  NORTH LAGOON FROM HORTICULTURAL BUILDING - Let us call a gondola from under a bridge, and ask the price, or buy tickets at the landing-booths. A very long boat comes to the steps and the party is seated in the centre. Two very vigorous Italians soon have the craft in the open lagoon, and we learn that the rapid motion is sustained in a scientific manner. Custom and heredity have given to the forms and movements of these men a grace and force that is not to be copied by the envious boatmen of our waters. Occasionally the gondoliers speak to each other, but always concerning the route. We pass southward to the Basin, and make the circuit of the Golden Statue. We note details of architecture that would have escaped us on land, and before the Agricultural Building feast our eyes on the wilderness of statues that Martiny made to swell the retinue of Ceres. We coast the cascade of MacMonnies' Fountain and return on the other side of the Wooded Island, measuring the long facade of that building of the world, the Manufactures. The approach to the Art Palace is another memorable moment, and then we return by this acqueous lane to our landing. The water has always been fresh, and sometimes the sea-gulls have kept us company. As now we gaze closely upon this enrichment of the facade of the Horticultural Building, by Lorado Taft, the reader may conceive how closely we have been able to inspect the four thousand friezes, cornices, spandrels, arches, entablatures, columns, windows, and statues of the Fair.
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