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  DIRECTLY NORTH FROM THE GOVERNMENT BUILDING - This view offers considerable valuable information to the student of the great Fair, and an attempt will be here made to name some of the structures and their relative positions. The Fisheries covers the foreground, and the wonderful display of living fishes was at the right, out of view. From this height it is possible to note the extraordinary outlines of the Swedish Building, which rises at the right. The architectural ideas here set forth are Muscovitish with Western grace beginning to assert itself. Between the east of the Fisheries and Sweden is the west end of the Polish Cafe. At the left of Sweden, further back, is Guatemala, where Manuel Lemus made a grand display of stuffed birds and coffee. This side of Guatemala, in line with the east Fisheries flag, is Venezuela with its roof statues. To the left of the Fisheries dome is Brazil, and the eye will now follow around the Art Palace pond. The pointed building is the Cafe de la Marine; behind it is the little Tailor's temple, then Illinois; next in a line perspectively, are Wisconsin, the towers of Colorado, and the Chattanooga panorama on Stoney Island Avenue, outside; at the corner of the pond is Ohio, behind it Michigan, and the great flag-staff is Washington. The portico of Nebraska, where a little flag flies, may be espied at the left of the Art Palace. The Spectatorium at the right looms over the entire scene.
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