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  THE WOODED ISLAND - The view here shown is doubly instructive, in that it authoritatively informs the reader concerning the "fairy lamps," and shows that the term "wooded island" was a euphemism. Time did not permit the builders of the Fair to bring about, on these somewhat secluded spots, those transformations of which poets might sing. As a matter of fact, the flower and shrub display hereabouts was not what might be termed magnificent. But at night, with the aid of the little glass cups (here seen) of various colors, holding tiny lights of wick and oil, the scene was charming, and filled the space with all the thousands of visitors that could be accommodated without trampling the very illuminations themselves. The road at the right leads to the Hunter's Cabin. The vista offered is between the Mines on the right and the Electricity on the left, and looks directly into the northern entrance of the Administration Building, giving to that commanding structure its second most advantageous view, for on the south and west it was not well presented to the distant eye. One of the heroic dome-groups of Victory, on the left, is well limned, precisely as the architect desired it should be. The unsatisfactory cupolas of the Electricity Building, nearer by, are exposed to view, and an arched bridge leads to the mainland, crossing the road which ran westward to the Golden Doorway of the Transportation Building. This smaller island was called the Hunter's Camp.
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