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Alvarez-Dumont, Caesar ...Episode in the War of Independence
Austria ...Art Gallery, Room 36
Bernardelli, Henrique ... Messalina
Bjorck, Oscar ... Interior of Cow-House
Blaas, Eugen Von ...The Good Brother
Ciardi, G. ... Basin of St.George, Venice
Chikudo, Kishi ... Tigress
DeBock, Theophile ... Beech Trees
Denmark ... Art Gallery, Room 74
DeTommasi, Publio ... Golden Dreams
DeVriendt, Albrecht ... Charles VI and Odette
Fisher, Horace ...The Card Players
Friedrich, Otto ... Death of Dante
Friese, Richard ... In the Lagoon
Germany ... Art Gallery, Room 34
Green, C. ... The Pickwick Club
Gysis, Nikolas ...Carnival in Greece
Hagborg, Aug ...Evening
Hall, Frederick ...The Result of High Living
Harburger, Edmund ...At the Spring
Hare, St. George ...The Victory of Faith
Hirschl, Adolf ... Prometheus
Italy ... Art Gallery, Room 76
Jiminez-Aranda, Luis ... "Los Enamorados"
Karger, Karl ..."Im Graben" (The Graben, Vienna)
Kilburne, G. Goodwin ..."Good Accomodation for Man and Beast"
Kirkpatrick, F. L. ... Pelagia and Philammon
Krogh, Christian ... Lief Erickson Discovers America
Lessi, Tito ... The Bibliophile
Lopez-Carbrera, Ricardo ... Daphnis and Chloe
Lucas, Marie Seymour ... Henri VI
MacGregor, Jessie ... In the Reign of Terror
Maison, Rud ... Negro Riding on an Ass
Mesdag, H. W. ... Morning on the Beach at Scheveningen
Mols, Niels Petersen ... Rainy Weather
Morris, P. R. ... Sons of the Brave
Nash, Joseph ... A Winter Morning
Neuhuys, Albert ... Dutch Woman and Child
Osborne, Walter --- The Ferry
Overend, W. H. --- "Victory!" Prize Crew Taking Possession
Pettie, Sir John --- Bonnie Prince Charlie
Probst, Carl --- The Consultation
Roeber, Fritz --- King Wenzel Raging
Rossi, Luigi --- Reception at the Doge's Palace
Sandham, H. --- The Founding of Maryland, March 27, 1634
Schloesser, Carl --- Moliere Reading to His Servant
Schnars-Alquist, H. --- A Narrow Escape
Schulzeheim, Ida Von --- Greyhounds
Schwartz, Stefan --- Faun and Geese
Sinding, Otto --- Misty Morn
Simm, Franz --- Indian Summer
Simonet, Enrique -- "Flevit Super Illam"
Uckermann, W. --- A Drama of the Woods
Uhde, Fritz Von --- The Announcement to the Shepherds
Van Beers, Jan --- Miss Ada Rehan as "Lady Teazle"
Vos, Hubert ---The Angelus in the Zuyder-Zee
Watanabe, Seitei --- Roosters on a Cart in the Snow
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